Cayman Islands - Technical Brief for Investment Funds 2022

Attached is the April 2022 publication of our Technical Brief for Investment Funds, a newsletter developed by the Loeb Smith Cayman Islands Investment Funds Technical Team. This Technical Brief covers, among other thing, a number of recent Cayman case law authorities which will have an impact on the practical application of Cayman Islands' law:

  • Liquidation of a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands – how to determine whether liquidators are sufficiently independent
  • Test of insolvency for a receivership of a segregated portfolio
  • Minority shareholder rights under Cayman Islands law
  • More thoughts on the ruling in The Matter of Padma Fund L.P. and potential impact on Investment Fund practice

If you have any questions, please reach out to your usual Loeb Smith contact or any member of our Investment Funds Technical Team listed at the end of the Technical Brief.

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