Our Vision and Values

Loeb Smith is an offshore corporate law firm with offices in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong, committed to delivering a high quality partner-led professional service at a competitive rate.

Our firm's vision is: "to provide advice and legal expertise at the highest level and to be a firm that is widely recognised as standing apart for the quality of our advice and for our strong commitment to our clients."

We recognise that this lofty vision cannot be delivered solely through the excellence of our advice and high standard of service, but is also achieved through our strong commitment to every one of our clients.

Our values capture a shared sense of what is important to us and what you can expect from us, whether you are a client, colleague, or a fellow adviser.

It is very important for us to act at all times to the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity.

Our shared values centre on:

Providing high quality advice and legal expertise to our clients. The way we work with our clients, other firms and advisers and with each other to efficiently maximize our clients’ commercial advantage whilst minimizing their legal risk. Our commitment to keeping it simple and delivering clear, precise and astute solutions.
The high value and esteem in which we hold our support staff. The respect we feel for our Associates by giving them substantial responsibility, close working relationships with Partners and clients, high quality support and a long-term commitment to their professional development.

Legal Expertise

Read more about how our team of attorneys provides legal advice on Cayman Islands law and British Virgin Islands law in the following practice areas: